Friday, November 5, 2010


Ok, I know this sounds really bad, since I'm referring to my children leaving in the morning. Just for clarification: I am not saying that I'm glad to get rid of my boys, since I really do enjoy having them around on the days that they are home from school (most the time, anyway :0).

But most school mornings are incredibly hectic for our family. Is this a familiar situation for anyone else? I know things would probably run smoother if we all got up earlier, but even on those rare cases when I do, most times it's just hard.

Five people leaving to work or school from 8:00 AM to 8:27 AM = CRAZINESS. What with getting boys out of bed, in the shower, lunches ready, breakfast made, boys eating enough breakfast, lunches in backpacks, jackets and shoes found and on (why are those items often never to be found with two minutes left until it's time to walk out the door?!), coats on, family prayers said, teeth brushed (ha), hair combed...whew! That exhaustes me even to type all that!

I must mention here that I am not the only one working on making the morning work: it's wonderful that my older boys can and do get themselves ready (even if they need a bit of prodding out of bed sometimes), and my husband and I work together to get everyone out. I'm so grateful I don't have to do it all by myself!

So now you can better understand why I should homeschool, be better organized, get up earlier...or, since I don't do those things, why I feel somewhat relieved and grateful at this sight: the last boy out, on his way to have a good day.

Now I can sit down and eat my breakfast.


MamaChef (JM) said...

I am so with you. I have to be out at 8:40 so it is SO crazy. And everyone leaves at different times. Everyone. So Ugh. Not my favorite time of day....

Susan said...

I hear you. That was how our mornings were when our kids all went to the same school. The cool thing about out school district here (that I thought I'd hate) is that all the schools are only 2 or 3 grades and they all start at different times, so my morning is: get Tyra out by 8:00, walk Thomas over at 8:17 and stand with Lily at the bus stop by 8:45. 20 minutes in-between is sooo handy. Then I come back and can spend time with Beth before she goes to pm kindergarten at 12:45. We also have 12:30 church, which is so much easier for me than 9:00, which will be next year. No matter how I try to have everything laid out the night before, it's still crazy getting us all in the car by 8:30 to go!

Did you take that picture? Either way, it's awesome!