Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Aren't you grateful for friends who go out of their way to find out how you are doing, really listen, and tell you that they care about you? Me too.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Hi kids. (extra points if you can name that quote)

I am so grateful for my thumbs. Hands in general come in quite handy (ahem. Really, I typed that before I even noticed the pun...sad.), like several hundred or thousand times a day, but have you ever tried to use your fingers without your thumbs? Very difficult.

A while ago I sliced my thumb with a sharp and slightly out-of-control cheese slicer and it took about a week to get back to normal. It wasn't like I couldn't use my thumb at all, but it really made me pay attention to (and thereby appreciate) the many ways I use my thumbs.

The ones that became the most annoying by the time my thumb was back to it's not-painful-every-time-I-try-to-use-it state?
1- Changing diapers: a huge pain without two good thumbs.
2- Getting dressed, especially pants
3- Putting in and taking out my contacts: this one took me probably twice as long and was so incredibly awkward and uncomfortable that I almost resorted to glasses for a while. Almost.

This was a perfect example of me taking something totally for granted until I didn't have it for a while.

So thumbs up for thumbs!

(I've decided to use my own pictures from now on, even though I am not a stellar photographer, but I feel like my posts, while not as pretty, are a little more genuine that way.)