Monday, December 28, 2009


You know, it's really interesting how it often takes losing something that you totally take for granted (like sleep) to make you really appreciate it. We lost electricity the other night for about four hours. Good thing we had good flashlights and a kerosene lantern.

I was starting to worry about what we were going to do with the contents of our refrigerator and freezer, we were wondering if we would have work and school the next day, and we bundled everyone up for the night with jackets and extra blankets (because even though we do have a very well-insulated home, we do live in Idaho, after all. I think our low was supposed to be in the single digits somewhere: a bit chilly). All of these things are things I don't even think about (cold food, work and school as usual, warmth at night), but had to when we don't have electricity.

Our boys thought it was a great adventure, but I'm so grateful for electricity! I was massively relieved when the lights/furnace/refrigerator/freezer came back on about 11:30 that night. Wow, are we blessed! Can you imagine living every day without electricity? Doing everything early morning or evening to night by candlelight? Yikes!

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