Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Ok, having a two-year-old kind of gets you used to having cuteness around. From dancing (our toddler was dancing to his teenage brother's music yesterday with much exuberance: so hilarious and cute!), to word pronounciations (he says both juice and shoes 'dooce'). I am so grateful for those everyday cute things.

But sometimes he does something that is so completely unexpected and over-the-top cute that I can hardly believe it. Last night we had one of those.

We own two nativity sets. One is a set that I got a couple of years ago and is a nicer one (although that didn't stop me from accidentally knocking one of the wisemen down off the mantel last year and breaking him in half...sigh. Oh well, better me than one of the kids). The other one is one that my husband got for a Christmas when he was young. So I happened to comment on the fact that it would be really nice if our little kids had a nativity set that they could play with (thinking of this awesome one that my sister made for another sister this year for Christmas). So my generous husband mentioned that we should get our old one out and let the kids play with it until it breaks.

So last night we set the older Nativity set up on a small side table in our living room. Our two-year-old was so enthralled with this set that he wouldn't even come eat dinner--he just wanted to play with all the people. I went in to check on him and here's what he was doing: he was kissing all the characters together. Mary kissing Joseph (which he pronounces 'Jovis'), the shepherd kissing Mary (which our boys thought was hilarious), the sheep kissing the cow, etc. This morning, though, when he went to play with the set, he started the kissing again, but this time Baby Jesus was kissing everyone. What a sweetie. And what a good reminder, especially at this time of year: Jesus loves us all.

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Melissa said...

Soooooo cute!
and thanks for the shout out!