Friday, January 22, 2010


Ok, a have to admit that this is one that I struggle being grateful for. Especially after New Years. My husband and I have decided that we wish Christmas was in late February or early March because once the holidays are over, aren't you just ready to move into spring? Ready for some warmer weather and some green? I am.

I guess if I lived someplace totally balmy and warm, it wouldn't be so bad, but about mid-February, I am so sick of winter, and where I am, that's a bad thing because about mid-February, we still have about another two months of winter--no kidding.

Here are the two things that have helped me be grateful for snow: First, when we lived across the state for nine years, even though the city was the same latitude, it was over 2000 feet lower in altitude than where we live now, so we get LOTS more snow where we live now. So for 9 years, we only had snow a few times a year and it was painful for my boys.

And now, although they don't get out every day to play, it is so fun for them to have the option of going to the park by our house to sled, to sled on the little hill we made in our backyard, or just to go out and play in the snow (and eat it, unfortunately. Blech.)

And two: once I was complaining about the snow and all the nasty ramifications: the icy roads, the cold temperatures, the wet shoes, the snow tracked all over my carpet when the kids come in, etc., and my grandmother, who was visiting and who is an absolutely amazing woman and someone who tends to enjoy and see the good in most any situation, gazed out the window and said, "yes, but isn't it beautiful?" I paused and looked with her. Well, yes, it is beautiful. Amazingly beautiful when you stop to look and appreciate.

So whenever I get ready to complain about the snow, I think of my grandma and focus on how really lovely it is (especially when it's fresh and when I can admire it from inside :0).

Don't you think that tree in the top picture looks like the whomping willow? It belongs to our next-door neighbors and is such a cool-looking tree, especially in the winter.

And I never noticed until I started looking how cool some plants look with snow on them.

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Em said...

Ha! I totally feel that way after Christmas. I have to remind myself that according to the calendar, winter actually BEGINS on December 21st. But you're right--the snow is beautiful. I'm grateful for kids because they see the wonder of it and they just can't wait to touch it, and run in it and build things with it. And when I play with them I remember when it used to be new and novel and fun for me too. It's really a blessing to be a mom because as an adult I think I am like the Nephites in 3rd Nephi who and "began to be less and less astonished at a sign or a wonder from heaven..." The changing of the seasons, or things like snow--get kind of old and I get less and less astonished at the miracles around me because I've seen them before. But when you get to see it through the eyes of a child, it becomes new again.
Okay, I'm seriously writing a novel on your blog. But speaking of being grateful, we did an FHE on Monday out of the friend this month where you go on a grateful hunt and fill a bag with things you're grateful for that you can smell, taste, touch, hear, and see and then talk about each thing. It was so fun and I was thinking of you, the gratitude guru, and that you would be proud of us!!
My favorite part was that Ethan said the closing prayer and he thanked Heavenly Father for each item in the bag, one by one. That was a neat lesson to me.
So anyway, thanks for sharing the grateful paradigm! It really is the road to joy!
Love you guys!

And, I loved that twinkle twinkle little star story! Such a cool image!