Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm trying to be better about teaching my children basic home skills, like cooking. It's hard, because it really is just so much easier and faster for me to make dinner by myself, than explain to someone else how to do it (especially a child). But they need to know some basic skills and how to make some easy meals, so I had my 14, 11 & 7-year-olds look at my monthly menu and choose two meals in the month that they would be interested in helping me make.

My 7-year-old informed me that he wants to make up his own meal called Nacho Tacos. Hmmm...sounds intriguing (especially from a child who has never cooked at all. Ok, so he has flipped pancakes and poured milk--does that count?). So I ask him how one goes about making this delicious-sounding meal.

Here's the ingredient list and directions for Nacho Tacos, as concocted by my 7-year-old son.

Chicken, cooked without any spices
Barbeque sauce or sour cream (when did these become interchangeable? did I miss something?)
Mustard if you want
Crumpled-up pizza crust
Ranch dressing

You put all these ingredients into your taco shell and enjoy (or not). I was most confused about the 'crumpled-up pizza crust' part. When he first explained it to me, he just listed the ingredients and I tried to get him to explain what the pizza crust was for--does one put all the ingredients into the crust and wrap them up? No, he explains, you put all the food into the taco shell and eat it.

Hmmm...interesting and very entertaining! I love and am grateful for my boys' imaginations, even when it spills over into cooking!


Laura S. said...

That's quite the recipe coming from your 7 year old, who, if I remember right, is rather picky. I recall watching the boys when he was 5 and while making macaroni and cheese he asked, "Are you sure you know what you are doing?" Of course, that was after I let it boil over a bit so I guess it was warranted. Kids are great.

Laura S. said...

I'm also very impressed that you have a monthly menu. So organized.

MamaChef (JM) said...

Yum.....I think I will try this out! The mustard with the pizza

Em said...

That is a crack up! The sour cream OR barbecue sauce is my favorite part. ;)