Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ok, my husband happened upon this gem while reading some news article the other night. After our stunned silence, and voicing some of the thoughts racing through our heads ("Is this serious?" "Is he lip-syncing?" "How can anyone smile that much?" "Does he think he's dancing?" and, "Can you actually make that sound while you are smiling?"), we all laughed our heads off.

We have watched it at least ten times in the last few days, probably more. In fact, my boys came home from school the next day singing it and wanting to watch it again. It's nauseatingly hypnotic and unfortunately fairly addictive for some people. Ok, enough talk. For this wonderful experience, go to this site and enjoy. You'll never be the same.

You might want to make sure you are sitting down and don't watch it after eating a big meal. Oh, go to the bathroom first, too.

Long live Lawrence Welk.


Melissa said...

Yes, thanks, I still have it running through my head.
I loved your sequence of questions. I asked myself a lot of the same questions.
I asked Travis what he thought and he said "this guy really makes me Saran wrap." He said it was too close to Opera for him.
I kept waiting for him to say "trololololo" and he never did?

Laura S. said...

We have our opinions about the lip-synching too, but you didn't even mention his hair! Both richard and I agreed that there was something caveman-ish about him, but we're not quite sure what. It must be the hair.

LisAway said...

My husband is going to LOVE this. It's just his kind of thing.