Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yes, many of you are experiencing spring right now: grass getting green, daffodils, crocuses and tulips blooming, warmer weather. I love spring flowers (purple crocuses are my favorite).

Well, today we woke up to three inches of snow. Sigh.

So not many colors going on yet where I live. (except white, brown and our grass is starting to consider thinking about maybe turning green :0)

How blessed I am, then, to have a husband who knows I love color and knows I love flowers and who brings them to me occasionally (usually not for any specific reason other than "I love you and think you are wonderful." I love that reason!).

Here is the bouquet I am enjoying currently. I love the yellows, pinks and purples--so springy!

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LisAway said...

Oh, lovely! Man, I'm starting to wonder if spring will comet at all to that area! I guess it's not super late, but when it feels like spring where I am it seems like it should be spring everywhere!

And (no) thanks to you my husband has that Trololo song for his ringtone! I'm serious. And I seriously refuse to go anywhere with him in public in case his phone should ring. (no, not really. I just move away from him and act like I don't know him). :)