Monday, May 10, 2010


Hi everyone--sorry so long to be's been a crazy and stressful couple of weeks.

I am grateful today to be able to swallow without pain. Again, one of those things that you don't even think about, let alone be grateful for, until you go without it or see someone who does. (Sorry if you are reading this Lori or Anne :(

I have two friends who have gone through the joy of a tonsilectomy in recent weeks and they hurt. A lot.

My husband got his tonsils out when he was a teenager and he said that it really hurt, but he recovered fairly quickly.

I think the older you get, the more painful it is and the longer it takes to recover. My poor friends.

But I am so grateful for the reminder to appreciate this small, but very important part of life. Hoorah for swallowing!

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