Friday, June 4, 2010


Spring has been very long in coming where I fact, even though it is June, we are still only in the upper 60's every day with lots of overcast, windy and chilly rainy days. Hmmm. Don't know what that's all about (it's JUNE! But maybe all the farmers are glad because they don't have to water their crops? I hope someone is benefiting from this weather!)
But I love and am so grateful for all the trees that are blooming every shade of pink, the dark purple lilac bushes, the red tulips, and every other bit of color outside. I love color, and color seems so much more pure in nature. Our two apple trees didn't look as vibrant as this tree, but the blossoms didn't freeze, either: hoorah!


Melissa said...

It really is true, the colors are so vibrant. Especially after a long ,bleak, gray, winter. It is so rejuvinating!

Em said...

Yeah, it was *cold* when we were there! But I'll be grateful that it wasn't muggy and humid, like it would have been if were were in Indiana! Thanks for the grateful reminders. ;) It was fun to see you, but not long enough!!