Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We love apples at our house. In fact, we buy them by the box. Yes, the big, 40 pound box. And the amazing thing is--we actually eat them all before they go yucky.

A good apple is almost the perfect food: they are sweet, crunchy, juicy, nutritious, and you can eat the outsides, (or the insides, if you are my Grandmother. She takes the stem off and eats them from the top down, all but the very bottom yucky part. I guess when you lived through the Depression, an apple was a pretty good treat and you didn't want to waste any).

What an awesome food! We love Fujis (pictured) and Jonagolds at our house, and my boys love Granny Smiths as well, although they create a bit too much of a pucker in my mouth :0). I especially love apples when I get the major munchies while I'm making dinner and after I put my kids to bed (anyone else have this problem?).

This is our favorite way to eat them lately--
the boys like apple stars made with this tool.
They think it's pretty cool (you see my 2-year-old
trying to grab one--he seems to want whatever
food I'm trying to take a picture of).

I'm so grateful for such an awesome food!!

What's your favorite kind of apple and how do you eat them?


MamaChef (JM) said...

We love apples too. We go through so many--buying a box is a good idea. We like them with sliced cheese or peanut butter. If you sprinkle salt on the Granny Smith it helps!

Your blog looks pretty!

Melissa said...

I have not been impressed with the apples we've gotten in California, which is strange because almost ALL the produce here is amazing! I hope I have some good ones coming to me. We like Fuji's. I had some Pink Ladies one time that were awesome, but last time I had them, they were mushy.