Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hmmm...the first post. What am I grateful for right now? Well, I love this blue patterned background that I found here and I pretty much just love blue. I love colors, so it's really hard to chose one favorite. Anyone else out there have a true-blue (no pun intended), same-since-second-grade favorite color? Or are you more the different favorite every day kind?

That being said, if I HAD to choose a favorite color, it would probably be blue. Why? Well, my mother loves blue and often (I'd say probably four days a week) wears blue. In fact, my second son, when he was about 4-years-old, started calling her "the grandma in the blue suit." And we all know how our mother's preferences tend to ingrain in our pscyches.

Or maybe because blue is very soothing. When my husband and I were first married, I worked in an nursing home. During my years there, the Alzheimer's wing was redone and guess what color they painted the walls? Yup, soft blues and greens. Apparently, those colors actually affect the brain in a soothing way, helpful for people who might be confused, or agitated, or combative. (Except when there was a full moon. Seriously--I never wanted to work on that wing during a full moon. Craziness.)

And seriously, there are SO many different kinds of blue. I guess you could say that about any color, but blue, to me, seems to have so many shades: cobalt, sky blue, indigo, royal blue, periwinkle, etc.

Ok, I'm done. I guess you can tell that I'm grateful for blue. What about you? What's your favorite kind of blue? Or other color: what color makes you happy? Aren't you grateful the world isn't black and white? How boring!


Melissa said...

What do you think it is that makes a person drawn to a certain color. Blue has never been one of my favorites (though I like all colors).
I am so glad you started this site. I just think you needed to find something you were passionate about, to increase your blogging frequency.

Susan said...

I absolutely LOVE the premise of your blog. Really. Love. It.
As a matter of fact, you might say, I'm grateful for it.
So THANKS! I look forward to getting your updates in my google reader!!

LisAway said...

I should introduce myself, I suppose. I'm Lisa Lee Pawlik, Su's sister! :) She sent the link to your blog and I'm so glad! What a great idea. And this is one of my favorite blog backgrounds, by the way.