Friday, November 13, 2009


Today I am so grateful for friends who are understanding of other people's circumstances and flexible in their schedules: specifically, my two neighbors. One, I was supposed to watch her children this morning, and since two of my own were up throwing up last night, I didn't think she would be too keen to have her children over at my house this morning. When I called to tell her, there was absolutely no hint of frustration or anger that I was disrupting her plans, but just empathy for my situation.

I was supposed to go with my other neighbor to visit a friend this morning (our church has this awesome program called Visiting Teaching, where all the women are paired up and have a few other friends to visit every month--that way we can make new friends, help each other and, well...visit :0), and when I called her, she was happy to go without me and expressed hope that my kids would feel better soon.

I'm so kind for friends that are kind, helpful, flexible and nonjudgemental! Thank you Debbie and Deidra!

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Melissa said...

I often feel overwhelmed by all the helpful loving friends I have. I am glad you have nice friends, too.