Thursday, November 19, 2009


Last night I (with one other lady) was in charge of this fun meeting for the women who go to my church. We started planning about a month ago and our theme ended up being gratitude (seems I have that on the brain a lot lately, huh?). We had food (holiday hors d'oeuvres--shouldn't that just be spelled or-derves? It would be a lot easier!), classes on different aspects of gratitude, and we made gratitude journals. Also, we showed this video clip as part of the closing comments. (It's really an awesome clip--only five minutes--go check it out!)

Anyway, it was a great night: good atmosphere, fun people to talk to, great classes, and my sweet husband and oldest son came over to help us clean up afterward (without being asked).

So this morning I am grateful that it went well and that it is over!

I am also so grateful that I didn't have to plan and carry the shindig out all by myself. What a blessing to ask people to help, have them volunteer for a specific part, and then know that it will get done, and not only done well, but in good time!

For instance, our meeting last night had many parts: publicity, food, classes, a craft, a video presentation, set up, take down and clean up. There were people who agreed to teach a class, and other than checking with them once or twice to make sure everything was cool, I didn't do anything other than attend the class! The woman who volunteered to be in charge of the gratitude journals took care of it all and they turned out awesome! And all others who were involved just did their part, followed through to the end and the night turned out great.

Hoorah for dependable people!! Is that where the term "can-do" came from? Dependable people are those who can & do? Hmmm...I never thought about it. It makes sense, but does anyone know for sure?

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Melissa said...

I am glad that it went well. It takes so much work, and it is always great when it feels like it was worth it. I( am sure it was fabulous!