Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm so grateful to be reminded that there is actually a physical reason why I sometimes have INTENSE sugar cravings (chocolate to be exact) and feel a bit snarky for a few days in a row.

Any other women out there ever experience this? Yeah, I'm sure I'm the only one. :0)


Melissa said...

Ya, my 'should not be ignored' craving this week was for chocolate and peanut butter.
I guess you could indulge by eating chocolate and mint! :)

Em said...

I'm totally with you there. Knowledge is power, baby. One thing I'm grateful for is having to track my cycle carefully to gain information about my blood sugar/hormone interplay, so I always know what day I'm on! Now, instead of, "oh, THAT'S why I hated myself and felt like I had no friends and wanted to eat every piece of junk food in sight." Knowing what day I'm on I've found it easier to say, "okay, Em. What you are feeling right now is strictly HORMONAL. Don't think about it, don't analyze it. You are forbidden to analyze this right now. If you still feel this way in 5 days, you can start looking for solutions..."
Snarky. What a great adjective for PMS. :)
Happy Wednesday! Love you!