Sunday, February 21, 2010


This may be a bit redundant to write a post about gratitude on a blog about gratitude, but here goes. It's weird that even though I blog about and have been trying to be conscious of what I'm grateful for, sometimes I forget to be grateful (usually when I have something hard in my life I'm experiencing).

So it was really good to be reminded of the positive physical, spiritual and emotional power of practicing gratitude. I was having a hard day and was feeling (and probably acting) a bit crabby and sulky. I went to a concert that night and while I was waiting for the concert to start, instead of counting my woes, I decided to use the ten minutes to name everything I could think of that I was grateful for.

It was actually surprisingly hard to get started, but I just looked around me and ended up naming some pretty weird things (rectangles, since the walls of the concert hall were made of brick; beautiful hair; colors; the interesting differences in people; cushioned seats; etc.). I don't know how many I named, but I do know that by the time the concert started I was feeling better, and later that night after the concert, I felt happier as well. True, it could have been the music, or the effect of the people I was with, but I choose to believe it was my focusing on gratitude that was the main thing that turned me around.

I am grateful for the power of gratitude and how recognizing all I've been blessed with can really make me a happier person.

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